Black Mold in Rotting Wood

Most homeowners have encountered dry rot and know about its structural implications, but many do not know that it is a home for all types of mold including one of the most deadly, black mold. Mold causes dry rot to spread extremely fast and can cost you thousands of dollars in reconstruction costs. This doesn’t include the impact that mold has on the health of the home’s inhabitants.

Black Mold and Dry Rot is Often Unnoticed

Many don’t even become aware of the presence of dry rot and black mold in the home until it is renovated. When walls and fixtures are removed it allows you to look inside of the home where mold is allowed to grow undisturbed for extended periods of time. Anything can cause mold to grow in the walls including leaking pipes, high humidity, or mold spores spreading from another source.

Water leaking

Dry Rot and Black Mold Needs THIS to Grow

Black mold and dry rot can occur on wood in the home anywhere that is dark. It needs the following four things in order to establish itself on the wood of your home:

Temperatures between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit
Food Source (in this case it is the cellulose in wood)

By eliminating access to these, mold will eventually wither and die. Unfortunately, when it is growing on wood, it has constant access to a food source and is hard to remove. For tricky situations like this it is best to call professionals.

Removing Dry Rot

Getting rid of dry rot is tricky and time consuming. It often requires chemicals, replacing whole parts of the structure of the home, and heavy detailing when cleaning. In order to ensure that this process is completely correctly, it is best to hire a home restoration company like Water Damage Zone, to inspect and repair the damage. By incorrectly repairing dry rot and black mold, you risk causing further damage to your home and the health of its inhabitants.


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