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Van Nuys, CA, 30th August 2012 – Water Damage Zone & Restoration Inc of Encino is one of the best companies in the Los Angeles area that handles mold removal. Once mold develops on walls, floors and carpets, even the attempt of trying to clean the mold can increase risk to the spread of spores, which means more risk of damage to property as well as more health problems. The team at Water Damage Zone & Restoration Inc  of Encinois well adept with a methodical process that includes mold testing and cleanup that will ensure no mold spores are spread around or even left around.

We guarantee that our work will please you. All our technicians handling mold removal are well trained to understand the complexity and the delicate nature of this job. One wrong step and mold can spread rather than be removed. And this is why; we also discourage our customers from trying out anything before we can reach them for help. We offer a free estimate for mold removal after a thorough check of the property. If you find that are rates are not reasonable, you are not under any obligation to hire our services, though we are sure that you cannot find a more reliable service than ours who will also offer guarantee for their work”, states a team member.

Mold removal is very important, because mold can cause various health hazards. Mold produces irritants and allergens that when touched or inhaled cause allergies. Some symptoms are like fever or flu, while others will involve sneezing, coughing wheezing, a runny nose and red eyes that are watering. For those prone to respiratory infections like Asthma and Bronchitis, mold can be especially dangerous. This is why it is best to hire the services of Water Damage Zone & Restoration Inc – Experts at mold removal at the most reasonable rates.

Water Damage Zone is based out of 15115 Califa St, Van Nuys CA, 91411. To find out more about the services provided one can visit the website or call on (877) 520-1923.

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