How to Prevent Mold in Your Closets

IMold on Wood.jpgf you’re familiar with mold then you know that it can grow pretty much anywhere in your home. It especially likes to take hold in areas that have a buildup of moisture such as closets. This blog post will go over some of the ways that you can prevent mold from showing up in your closets.

Make Sure Everything is Dry
Everything that you store inside of your closet must remain dry. If any items in the closet have moisture in them, like wet clothing, they will cause mold to grow more quickly. If you notice that moisture is building up anywhere in the closet, you must find its source and stop it. Keeping your closet doors open sometimes will help them to dry out so that mold can’t grow.

Clean Out Closets Occasionally
You should empty out your closets and wipe them down a few times a year in order to clean any dirt and debris that end up inside. Doing this will prevent these things from causing mold to begin to grow if it comes into contact with moisture. When cleaning you should use a multi-surface cleaner in order to thoroughly remove all of the dirt and kill any bacteria living in the closet. If there is any mold or mildew in small areas, you will want to treat it with mold killer so that it doesn’t return.

Protect Wooden Surfaces
If your closet has wooden flooring or shelves you will need to make sure that they remain covered with something so that dirt doesn’t contact the wood. Dirt and wood are all that mold needs besides moisture to start growing. If you don’t keep an eye on areas like this mold can quickly begin feeding on the wood and spreading around your closet and home. Always remember that if a mold problem is too out of control, you need to call a professional. Certified professionals are the only ones who know how to effectively remove and treat mold so that it doesn’t return.

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