Mold in Your AC Could Be Making You Sick

You may think that because your air conditioner is cold that it can’t grow mold inside of it. If you think this, then you’re not only wrong but you may have mold in your air conditioner already. Once mold has begun to grow it is nearly impossible to remove from your home.

Mold is a Type of Fungi

Mold exists in the same family as mushrooms and types of yeast. This makes it extremely adaptable and able to grow and spread quickly from one area to another. Mold spores are the seeds of the fungi and they will spread through air in your home. This is why it is very dangerous for mold to find its way into your air conditioner. It will use the air current from your AC to spread around in the air inside of your home.

Breathing in Mold

If there is mold in your AC, then you can bet that you’re inhaling mold spores whenever you are inside of your home. The condensation that collects on the outside of your AC unit will continue to feed the mold spores as they rapidly grow and spread to other areas in your house. When the spores are airborne they can travel large distances and settle on other objects as well as being inhaled into your lungs.

Health Problems from Mold

Mold on your AC can cause a variety of health problems that range from allergic reactions to more serious complications such as illnesses and diseases. People living in moldy environments also have a chance for their preexisting health problems to become worse. This means that it can be especially dangerous for young children, the elderly, and those with autoimmune diseases.

Removing Mold from Your AC

Once you have determined that your AC has mold you will need to have it professionally removed. By the time you have found the filter covered in mold you can imagine how much mold is elsewhere in the air conditioner as well as in your home. It is best to have everything professionally inspected because all it takes is one spore for a mold infestation to start all over again. Completely removing mold from your home on your own is nearly impossible. Trust the professionals at Water Damage Zone and other certified mold removal companies to do the job the right way instead of botching it by yourself.



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